You don’t want it – On being fit vs. getting fit and how to reach your goals

Often times when I talk to people about sports I hear stuff along the lines of “I like running, I just never get round to it” or “I want to get fit, but it is so hard”. Well, no, you do not like running. And you do not like getting fit. What you want is being fit and just having finished a workout. What you want is the feeling of accomplishment, but not the pain and struggle before that. So let’s talk about the difference between wanting to train and wanting to be in shape; let’s talk about priorities, habits and reaching your so called “goals”.

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You do not need motivation!

What? I do not need motivation? Well, what the hell am I doing here, then?

Well, it is about this quote:

You don’t need motivation, you need discipline.

It is a great quote because it reveals one of the biggest problems with the whole motivation and self-development topic: A lot of people start reading books and blogs, listening to podcasts and audiobooks because they hope that one day the magic moment comes. That moment in which you just start to WANT to do all the exhausting and boring tasks.

But guess what? That won’t happen!
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On time management

Hey there!

Recently you asked for some thougts on time management, so I put together some ideas that might help you get better results and actually achieve your goals.

Let’s start off by stating one of my all time favourites: You have the exact same 24 hours a day that anyone else has. Other people are capable of using it, so why shouldn’t you be? 24 hours are plenty of time, it is about how you make use of it.

In order for your time to be used better in the future, here is a list of 10 useful time management tips:

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About getting up early

Hey there!

So today I had to get up pretty early, although I’m pretty sick.
As you can think, the first thing that came to my sleepy mind today was:

“Waahhh, stay in the warm bed, get back to sleep, don’t move!”

Still, I managed to get up and start a beatiful morning, and that was because I had very damn good and motivating reasons to do so.

That made me realise two important truths about getting up early:
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You decide who you are

This is a big one. In today’s article I want to talk about how to stay focused on goals and how to efficiently make use of your mind. Let’s start with a story.

When I was taking classes for my driver’s license, our instructor told us about the following situation: You drive on a long highway-like alley through the night, everything is dark and there is nothing besides your car, the road and trees beside it every now and then.

Suddenly the road makes a sharp turn and your car starts spinning. Following the glow of your front lights you search for something to hold on, for something to focus on and certainly you will find a positive lock-on on a beautiful tree. What happens then? Right, you will go right-on into the tree, although you wanted to go back on the road.

We have to ask ourselves: Why does our brain work like that? In this case we should have looked on the empty street or even in the vast nothingness in order to prevent a crash so how does this relate to our everyday life? It is simple: Your mind is extremely powerful and controls a lot of what you do. Therefore you have to understand how it works.
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About sleep

Brace yourselves, this is a big one!

I’ve always figured out that there 24 hours a day. You sleep six hours and have 18 hours left. Now, I know there are some of you out there that say well, wait a minute, I sleep eight hours or nine hours. Well, then, just sleep faster, I would recommend.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

I love this quote by Arnold which comes from a speech he gave at the University of Southern California on May 15th 2009. Not only is Arnold Schwarzenegger a perfect example of a successful person that does not sleep much, the speech also shows that even under great pressure (both for the mind and the body) you can do a shitload of amazing stuff. In fact: Without asking much from your body you won’t be able to sleep less. Here goes why:

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About experience and the difference between practical and theoretical learning

Let me tell you a little story.

When I was about ten years old my mum wanted me to go to a course where I should learn to use a keyboard with ten fingers efficiently. Because, well, it was useful at that time and it should be such an effective system. I refused and said that I had done it several years without this system and I would be fine. She on the other hand attended and after  completing the course, she came back to show me how great it worked and to prove me wrong. Without surprise I could write not only a lot faster, but without making as many mistakes as she did. Why was that? Not because the course was bad, not even because the system was bad. Just because she had good theoretical information with little practice and I had basically no theoretical knowledge whatsoever but loads of practical infield experience. I learned typing by trial-and-error, I learned it by chatting, by surfing the web and by writing articles. That is why it felt easy to me, it felt natural. My mother, on the other hand, had her mind in the way. The mind hat to control the body, it had to “tell” the hands what they had to do, while my hands knew it for themselves.
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