A strong motivating question!

Hey guys, today I have one of my personal “top 5 motivating things” for you! It is a question, that you ask yourself in situations in which you are not sure wether you should do something or how you should do it. Then you ask:

Will I regret this when I’m 80?

And you picture you, being 80 years old, sitting on a chair, thinking about your life, what you have done, what you have not done, what you should have done and what you should not have done. Would the 80 year old “you” be happy and satisfacted or would it think “Why did I do that?”, “Why this hestitation?” and so on. Usually, when I ask this question, I give myself answers that motivate me to do the harder attempt, to go through the tougher part and especially to do it directly instead of waiting days, months or years before starting.

What is your 80 years old self going to think of your life?

Another good question or idea, which is like the one above is:

How would YOU change your livestyle if you knew people had only 40 years to live instead of 70, 80 or sometimes even 90+ years?

We always think we have so much time in front of us, so many years, in which we will achieve stuff. But why don’t we try to achieve those things we dream of now? What gives us the feeling, that we should hestitate? I’m too young, I will do this in some years blablabla. Would you act differently if noone, not even you, knew your age? Would you realy live everyday to the fullest and do what you wanted to do? If the answer is yes, then cancel your damn birthday out of every fucking calendar and start living your live now! Believe me, you won’t regret this. Not when you are 80 and not when you are 40. Not tomorrow and not when you are dead!


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