Five reasons to stop watching TV

Hey there!
You probably own at least one TV and you probably use it among other things to watch some television.
I say this is not good! Watching TV has many negative aspects that I want you to consider and has nothing that can’t be replaced by today’s media.

You may ask: What the hell does this guy want from me? If you ask this yourself then you are very likely a person that should go on reading this article!

So here are the top 5 Reasons to stop watching TV right now:

1. Up-to-dateness

Ok this one may be a major bummer to all the news-fans around you, but TV news suck!
I realize this every day when talking about things that happen in the world with my parents. They are the typical 8pm news-watcher and “always knew whats going on” back in the days. Nowadays I am the one being better informed. Without watching the news!

Why? Because TV News are never up-to-date. They sum up the happenings of the day and therefore rarely have the latest facts or numbers. Especially in topics that change from second to second like warfare or crisis, they are often imprecise and can’t compete with the online media.

If you want to be informed well, don’t watch TV news, but use online media or radio!

2. Commercials

Well isn’t it great? Watching a nice movie with a couple of buddies over, having a drink, something to snack and everything’s all right but DAMN! What’s that? Commercial break right in your face!

Don’t you ever get pissed off by the annoying TV commercials that always pop in at the interesting parts of your favorite Series or Movie?

Well, I recommend DVDs or recording Movies/Series to watch them later, without commercials bothering you!

3. Being dictated by the TV

When watching TV, the TV program tells you what to watch at which time.
When watching DVDs or recorded movies, YOU decide when to do so! You just have half an hour free? Well, just continue watching a series you are watching at the moment.

We have 2011, there is no need to use a TV guide to schedule your days, is there?

4. Deep debate vs. Superficial overview

When there are news on the internet, a deep discussion starts right on the spot. Twitter, Facebook, Comments, Blogs, the people start interacting with the news immediately. While on TV you just get superficial and not up-to-date overview of what happened!

If you see a news on the internet and it is interesting for you, you can discuss it, you can read more about the topic, you can search for pictures, for articles about the topic and so on, while the TV news let you down as a passive spectator!

5. Losing track

TV often lets people lose track of time. You probably all know it from surfing in the web. You start off and click, some minutes later you end up watching Youtube, browsing your bookmarks, reading blogs and so on. On TV you have the same problem; you can easily end up zapping through the programs, not doing anything at all.

Many people are sitting brain-dead on their couches, trapped by their TV, wasting hours and hours of their time on listening to commercials and stupid reality TV, while the life out there just passes by!

Well, those were my personal 5 reasons to STOP watching TV. I hope you liked the article and I could help some of you to stop watch TV or at least overthink your TV habits!

Enjoy the new free time,

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