Try it out


Next to trying and winning, the best thing is trying and failing.

Lucy Maud

Humble and full of hope


Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart.


What do you want to do?


Every achievement grows out of the seed of determination.

Dharma Master Cheng Yen

Become successful


No one is to blame for your future situation but yourself. If you want to be successful, then become Successful.

Jaymin Shah

Look at where you are today


Today’s accomplishments were yesterday’s impossibilities.

Robert H. Schuller

Get up there


The man on top of the mountain did not fall there.

The step towards success


The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.

Mark Caine

From bad judgement to success


Success in life is the result of good judgment. Good judgment is usually the result of experience. Experience is usually the result of bad judgment.

Anthony Robbins

Define your plan


The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them.

Denis Waitley

Keep trying


Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all.

Dale Carnegie