Stay on track

Energy and persistence conquer all things.

Benjamin Franklin


Add energy to your wishes

A wish is a desire without energy.

Paramanhansa Yogananda



A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done.

Ralph Lauren


Waste of energy

Thinking about what you cannot control only wastes energy and creates its own enemy.

Worf – Star Trek



It is wise to direct your anger towards problems, not people.

To focus your energies on answers, not excuses.

William Arthur Ward


Your own chains

Habits begin as cobwebs and end up as chains.

Spanish proverb

Habits need time to develop, but once you get used to something, it is hard to free yourself of it.

Therefore it is important to create healthy and useful habits instead of destructive ones.


About getting up early

Hey there!

So today I had to get up pretty early, although I’m pretty sick.
As you can think, the first thing that came to my sleepy mind today was:

“Waahhh, stay in the warm bed, get back to sleep, don’t move!”

Still, I managed to get up and start a beatiful morning, and that was because I had very damn good and motivating reasons to do so.

That made me realise two important truths about getting up early:
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