About getting up early

Hey there!

So today I had to get up pretty early, although I’m pretty sick.
As you can think, the first thing that came to my sleepy mind today was:

“Waahhh, stay in the warm bed, get back to sleep, don’t move!”

Still, I managed to get up and start a beatiful morning, and that was because I had very damn good and motivating reasons to do so.

That made me realise two important truths about getting up early:

  1. Getting up early can only be fun as long as you have good reasons to. Those reasons can not be things like “Well I have to”, they have to be strong, intrinsic reasons.
    You get those reasons by actually allowing yourself to work towards your dreams, live your beliefs and work for your personal aims.

    Life is not about fulfilling society’s idea of your life, but about creating your own idea of life and living it the best way possible.

    Once you’ve found the courage to live your dream and take all the risks, together with all the fun in it, you will find a new kind of energy in yourself.

    It is not about “Having a good day“, it is about having a good life and being generally full of energy and happy motivation. Still, there can be difficult situations, you can become ill and so on, but the general direction is energetic, happy motivation!

  1. I did get up today because I am greatly motivated and had good reasons too, but still, my bodie’s first reaction to waking up was “Waahhh, stay in the warm bed, get back to sleep, don’t move!”
    Sadly, no matter how motivated you are in your life, getting up has a pretty hard first seconds (or sometimes minutes). Your body may just be waking up from a REM phase and just does not want to stop dreaming and relaxing now, therefore it rebells.
    That is perfectly normal, but sometimes can suck.
    Those first seconds or minutes are about discipline! Once you’ve managed to get up despite the first struggle, your motivation will kick in and you will feel satisfied, maybe even proud.

In conclusion, the two most important factors for getting up early are leading a motivating life in general and having certain discipline to activate this motivation every morning.

Discipline is about training and working on it continuously.
Motivation for life in general has to be found deep inside yourself and has to be taken good care of a long time. Nurture your dreams, work towards your goals, you can do it!

Well, that’s it for today, enjoy your journey!



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