Keep it up!

The good thing about success is, that you don’t have to get it in one shot

Philipp Kleidt

What I like a lot about success is that you don’t have to get it right in one try. The world wasn’t build in one day neither was any house any company or any successfull business. You don’t have to achieve all of your dreams in no time. But as soon as you start doing a little bit every day, it is just a question of time untill you finally succeed. Every task, it may seem impossible, can be split up into many little things that have to be done and if you are persistend and determined, you will make it!

On the contrary there are some gaps that you can’t cross with little steps, there are some tasks in life that require making a big step, having courage, having the guts. Neverthelesse, as long as you keep trying and won’t let failures tear your intentions down, you will eventually get what you want!


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