A bit of Sunday Thinking

Today I thought about thinking. Sounds weird? Well, read and decide if it really is weird 😉

In combat, as in life, when we start thinking too much, we’re dead.

Michael Bookbinder

Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t want to state that thinking in generel is bad. But it has two big problems. The first one is that thinking is slow! Of course on first thought you might say ‘Hey, thinking is super fast, look what mah brainz can do!!1’, but also you would agree that taking action based on intuition and reflexes is way faster, would you not? As soon as you start to think about stuff, about risks, about chances, about the outcome, you lose time you could invest DOING what you are just THINKING about. Remember: A lot of thinking can not come close to a bit of action. Of course there are situations where you have to think and where it is right to think, but don’t let your brain slow you down in your life because you are scared of making decisions!

Are you a couch potato and a great thinker? Do you live inside your head?

That brings me to the second problem of thinking. Thinking reveals excuses. Let me make an example. You have the idea that you want to go out and take a short run. What does your brain do? It brings you in some handy excuses. It is cold – Your feet hurt – It is dark outside – You could damage yourself – You are tired blah blah blah. You start thinking what could happen if you run and what could happen if you don’t do it and so on. But guess what? If you had just stopped thinking right at the first excuse and instead stepped in your shoes and got your lazy ass out of your chair you would have known what would happen if you had taken the run. You would KNOW if it was a good decision or not and no thinking in the world could have brought you that Knowledge.

It seems to me that people often want things in the beginning and they can be real passionate about it, but instead of just starting what they have in mind, they think about it so long that they get scared in the end by all the negative things that could happen. Blah blah blah, fuck that, you are not meant to sit at home, thinking about how life could be or how life should be in theory, your are made for LIVING life and experiencing it by yourself. That is not something you can do by thinking or watching others doing it for you. You are responsible for yourself and only for yourself so why don’t you just stop thinking and doubting for a moment and just do what you got in your mind?

I’m sure some of you got something they really want to do, something they really want to say, SOMETHING!

So Just Do It!


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