Keep it up!

A river cuts through rock not because of its power but its persistence.


Your comfort zone – abandon it!

Are you really happy or just really comfortable?

There is a difference. It seems very little to the comfortable person, but every happy person knows how huge the gap between happiness and just being comfortable actually is.

Staying in a cozy home every day, avoiding risks and therefore chances might seem like happiness to many, especially in our high-tech world.

But truth be told: You will only feel alive when you go out there and explore. Take risks, take chances, meet new people, embrace random encounters, be open towards new cultures, live with an open mind. It takes courage and strenght but it pays off and can be done step by step.


You would not want to waste your life in your comfort zone. Comfort zone is good, but who wants good, if he can have thrillingly exciting, adrenaline pumping happy? 

Go out there!


PS: Nothing against a comfy, cozy home, in fact, you should make your home the perfect hang-out place. Just don’t rest on your laurels once youre done pay attention that your home does not become you life.

You are still going!

Every moment you spend deciding wether or not to quit, you are still going!


On time management

Hey there!

Recently you asked for some thougts on time management, so I put together some ideas that might help you get better results and actually achieve your goals.

Let’s start off by stating one of my all time favourites: You have the exact same 24 hours a day that anyone else has. Other people are capable of using it, so why shouldn’t you be? 24 hours are plenty of time, it is about how you make use of it.

In order for your time to be used better in the future, here is a list of 10 useful time management tips:

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Does the day belong to you or do you belong to the day?


Struggling? Think about the outcome!

When everything seems like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top.


Today is someday [picture]

If you like this, make sure to visit thesktecheffect for more awesome drawings and sketches!



The key that will boost your life immediately and sustainably!

Motivation is the start, but if it’s not solidified into discipline, it usually fades away into regret pretty quickly once you realize you never acted on it.

Why do I run this blog? Because motivation often fades away as quickly as it comes.

To manifest it, remind yourself often of it with blogs like these and get disciplined about it!

Use your motivation as an ignition for the motor of discipline to get running!



Promo Power! There’s a new sticker in Town!

Hey there! So today the new batch of motivatingdaily stickers arrived!


Needless to say, I ordered way too many for myself, so I’m giving them out to you guys! The deal is:

  • 10 Stickers for free (You pay the shipping, I gift you the stickers)
  • 20 Stickers   — 1 €  (+ Shipping)
  • 50 Stickers   — 3 €  (+ Shipping)
  • 100 Stickers — 5 €  (+ Shipping)

So basically the first shot is for free and for every 10+ you pay at most 1€ 🙂 So if you’re interested in those awesome (outdoor proof) stickers, just contact me via Facebook or shoot me a mail to get your set of stickers!

The stickers are about 9,5cm in diameter by the way 😉



About getting up early

Hey there!

So today I had to get up pretty early, although I’m pretty sick.
As you can think, the first thing that came to my sleepy mind today was:

“Waahhh, stay in the warm bed, get back to sleep, don’t move!”

Still, I managed to get up and start a beatiful morning, and that was because I had very damn good and motivating reasons to do so.

That made me realise two important truths about getting up early:
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