Your comfort zone – abandon it!

Are you really happy or just really comfortable?

There is a difference. It seems very little to the comfortable person, but every happy person knows how huge the gap between happiness and just being comfortable actually is.

Staying in a cozy home every day, avoiding risks and therefore chances might seem like happiness to many, especially in our high-tech world.

But truth be told: You will only feel alive when you go out there and explore. Take risks, take chances, meet new people, embrace random encounters, be open towards new cultures, live with an open mind. It takes courage and strenght but it pays off and can be done step by step.


You would not want to waste your life in your comfort zone. Comfort zone is good, but who wants good, if he can have thrillingly exciting, adrenaline pumping happy? 

Go out there!


PS: Nothing against a comfy, cozy home, in fact, you should make your home the perfect hang-out place. Just don’t rest on your laurels once youre done pay attention that your home does not become you life.

8 thoughts on “Your comfort zone – abandon it!

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