I count on you, help me out fellow readers!

Okay, this blog is awesome! I say this not because I am arrogant but because I know it. I read it myself and I know many people that are motivated by it, including myself.

But that does not mean that it is perfect. In fact it is far from perfect and I want to go there so I need your help!

I worte in the about-part that you should recommend this blog if you like it and mention to me all things you don’t like. Today I don’t want to beg for advertisement and shares, I want your honest opinion!

Please feel free to write me emails or leave comments under this post. I appreciate your criticism and I really take it seriously! 🙂


PS: Quote of the day:

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.

Frank A. Clark


Start doing something right now!

Inspiration does not come to those who wait for it, it finds those who act.

This principle is so damn important! Literally 10 minutes ago I sat in front of my computer, being mindless, doing nothing. Hell, I was not even browsing reddit for stupid pictures, I was literally doing nothing at all.

It was not that I had nothing to do. New, awesome video games, a new vinyl, new interesting books, taking a jog, watching a good movie, writing an article, I was even too lazy to eat. I had no motivation to do anything and was sitting there, thinking “Just wait, in some minutes you will be inspired and motivated again. You will pick something and do it.”

But guess what? That did not happen! Instead I remembered this important lesson that I had to repeat often times before believing it: In order to get motivated for action you have to act first. Sounds stupid, but works! If you feel unmotivated and without power you just stand up and do something! Start cleaning your apartment, do your laundry, do push-ups, take a shower, anything really! Just don’t sit there and do nothing at all.

Why waste your time when you could do awesome stuff? This post is not about not relaxing, don’t get me wrong. But there is a big difference between relaxing and being lazy and getting nothing done. Relaxing is something active that kicks ass and is fun. Being lazy and getting nothing done is just a stupid waste of time.

So maybe I had the luck to catch you in a moment of unproductivity and this was your wake-up call. By the way: I recently realised that many of you read my posts in the morning while still in bed or sleepy. For those of you: Don’t even think about going back into your warm and cozy dreamland, get up and get going pal!

Greetings from motivation-land!


Spend money!

Money invested in fun is money well spent

Some people say money is important some say it is not.

I say: Spending money is important. While it is a good feeling to have some cash on the bank money is made for spending after all. If you are not willing to use your money why would it comfort you in any way?

Go out, have fun, make trips, and if you realise you don’t need that much money to be happy: Work less. It will pay off 🙂


Make your own decisions!

People will judge you either way so go ahead and just do what feels right


Often when facing scaring or just big decisions you might wonder what close friends or even family might think of you.

I mean “important” decisions like wether to quit a job or not or if you want to leave the country or not. When it comes to career, family planning or serious stuff like that you will most certainly picture yourself in the possible situations and think about how people will look at you.

Don’t do that!

People will judge you no matter what you do. That goes for family, friends and enemies. Everybody does it and there is nothing wrong with it.

Just don’t let this judgement confuse your decisions. You know what is right for you and it will work out in the end so have the courage to make strong decisions that are in harmony with your own thoughts rather than forming a person other people might like.

Another important point is that there are not always right and wrong decisions. You’ll make so many decisions in your life that it will never be possible to relate anything (good or bad) to one single one.

So don’t be afraid, make choices, face the consequences, gain experience and be prepared that you might want to change your opinion in the end.

At least you will never wonder “What would have happened if I had just trusted myself” but you will be more certain because you have personal experience instead of recommendations!

Making own decisions based on own thoughts is always more likeable in the end. What is the worth of a person that likes you just because you make decisions in his/her favor? Right, you rather would not hang around with such a person.


How the school system can fuck up your mind

Today I talked to a buddy at the university about nothing in particular when this happened:

Buddy: I’d be happy if I made more money than my professor some day.
Since we study economics I assured him that he probably will if he goes in the open economy
Him: Only if I am good at what I do.
Me: Well, are you?
Him: I don’t know if I will be
Me: Well, why wouldn’t you?
Him: How would I know, I have not written any tests so far

I could not believe that he actually said and believed that. He honestly thinks his success in tests and in university in general defines his later work life!

How can our school system fuck that hard with the mind of a young person? I can’t believe that people really think that way, this is so damn limiting!

What about following your dreams, believing in your ideas? What about the passion that young people always have? If you ask a child what he wants to be when he grows up he sure as hell won’t say: I wanna be a firefighter, but therefore I have to study hard and be an honorable person.

He will reply: I want to be James Bond, I want to be a firefighter, heck I want to be a billionaire!

I don’t say that education is not important or should be taken lightly but everything has to have boundaries and if you really think your success in several years from now on depends on how well you do in some tests right now, there must be something wrong.
How great must this pressure be? If I fail now, I won’t have a good job in ten years?

Wow, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT apply this attitude to your life!

Go where you want to go and take important tasks serious but damn have fun on the way and don’t worry too much. It will all work out! It always has and it always will work out, trust me on this one.

And now go out and enjoy yourself!


What you need in order to be happy

Give me the serenity to accept things that I can’t change.

Give me the courage to change things that I can change

Give me the wisdom to distinguish between those two.

Philipp Kleidt

You have to accept that you don’t have control over your life!

There are so many outer circumstances that you can’t do anything about, don’t drive yourself mad. But on the other hand don’t be that passive guy that thinks the universe has everything planned out.

Be wise enough to chose when to take action and when to remain calm and happy.



Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited while imagination is endless in its form.


Learn your lesson!

When you lose, don’t lose the lesson!

It’s easy.

Sometimes in life you will lose. Actually you will lose often, if you live life fullly.

So don’t be an idiot, don’t lose the lessons, life is teaching you!




It confuses people.

Honestly, just smile.

Why not? Smile at strangers, smile at friends, just smile 🙂