BAM! Almost one year ago I posted that I was super stoked about my first 10 000 visitors on motivatingdaily.com (Read the post here)

Today, little over two years after starting this blog without any clue on how it would grow I can proudly announce that I’ve reached the 50k! 

50 000 people!

Last year I said “Thanks again and let’s hit the 100k“, which now seems so damn close! Thanks to you guys, who read, commented, liked and shared my posts!

I am honoured to have that many readers, still counting!

So, again, like last year, thank you a lot for your support!

By the way, I realised that with over 200 followers many of you probably do not visit the page itself that often, do you? So I ask you for a favour: When you read this celebration post, please visit motivatingdaily.com in your browser. I am curious what sort of impact this will have on my stats 🙂 Thanks in advance!

You like motivatingdaily? Go tell your friends (and enemies, maybe they need it the most). You do not like something or have some suggestions? Awesome, go tell me, I’m always glad to improve this site!

So far, let’s hit another 50k an we’ll talk again 🙂



I count on you, help me out fellow readers!

Okay, this blog is awesome! I say this not because I am arrogant but because I know it. I read it myself and I know many people that are motivated by it, including myself.

But that does not mean that it is perfect. In fact it is far from perfect and I want to go there so I need your help!

I worte in the about-part that you should recommend this blog if you like it and mention to me all things you don’t like. Today I don’t want to beg for advertisement and shares, I want your honest opinion!

Please feel free to write me emails or leave comments under this post. I appreciate your criticism and I really take it seriously! 🙂


PS: Quote of the day:

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.

Frank A. Clark