Start doing something right now!

Inspiration does not come to those who wait for it, it finds those who act.

This principle is so damn important! Literally 10 minutes ago I sat in front of my computer, being mindless, doing nothing. Hell, I was not even browsing reddit for stupid pictures, I was literally doing nothing at all.

It was not that I had nothing to do. New, awesome video games, a new vinyl, new interesting books, taking a jog, watching a good movie, writing an article, I was even too lazy to eat. I had no motivation to do anything and was sitting there, thinking “Just wait, in some minutes you will be inspired and motivated again. You will pick something and do it.”

But guess what? That did not happen! Instead I remembered this important lesson that I had to repeat often times before believing it: In order to get motivated for action you have to act first. Sounds stupid, but works! If you feel unmotivated and without power you just stand up and do something! Start cleaning your apartment, do your laundry, do push-ups, take a shower, anything really! Just don’t sit there and do nothing at all.

Why waste your time when you could do awesome stuff? This post is not about not relaxing, don’t get me wrong. But there is a big difference between relaxing and being lazy and getting nothing done. Relaxing is something active that kicks ass and is fun. Being lazy and getting nothing done is just a stupid waste of time.

So maybe I had the luck to catch you in a moment of unproductivity and this was your wake-up call. By the way: I recently realised that many of you read my posts in the morning while still in bed or sleepy. For those of you: Don’t even think about going back into your warm and cozy dreamland, get up and get going pal!

Greetings from motivation-land!


2 thoughts on “Start doing something right now!

  1. So true! The amount of times I’ve sat there waiting to think of something to write about with no idea, and as soon as I start writing about anything, no matter how ridiculous, the inspiration starts to show up. Tis magic 🙂

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