About getting up early

Hey there!

So today I had to get up pretty early, although I’m pretty sick.
As you can think, the first thing that came to my sleepy mind today was:

“Waahhh, stay in the warm bed, get back to sleep, don’t move!”

Still, I managed to get up and start a beatiful morning, and that was because I had very damn good and motivating reasons to do so.

That made me realise two important truths about getting up early:
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On Fitness and Training

I’m a firm believer in attitude. Some people just don’t have that desire, and they need a good kick up the arse. Look, you’ve come to train… let’s fucking train! Your body is like a piece of dynamite. You can tap it with a pencil all day, but you’ll never make it explode. You hit it once with a hammer: Bang! Get serious. Do 40 hard minutes, not an hour and half of nonsense. It’s so much more rewarding!

Jason Statham


Are you fit?

Advice from an older person:

Start lifting weights yesterday

I personally do not like lifting weights but this is not about hitting the gym or not it is about getting in shape, staying fit and healthy and starting at least right now.

You are either good at looking for solutions or good at looking for excuses, don’t chose the latter one!


Stay fit!

Think of your body like a machine. It has to be cleaned, oiled and serviced regularly if you want it to perfom well.

You put effort in your car, your flat, your TV screen but you refuse to eat healthy and put in some work regarding fitness? Shame on you!

This is not about everybody becoming a body-builder, but a general level of fitness is a must for every adult. It does not take that much discipline, you just have to get started and continue making your baby steps on a daily basis. Start today and simply DO NOT STOP! Don’t stop at a certain weight, at a certain day, at a certain moment, never stop keeping your body fit and feeling well.


Let’s do this!

Okay, this is pretty rough stuff, but it is motivating like hell, enjoy!

If things went all medieval and you had to fight a guy like me over your girl, I’d ravage your ass and take her. You okay with that?

When your girl is out with her friends, she’s checkin’ me out because I’ve worked to improve my appearance and it shows. You okay with that?

You think you’re safe out here in this world? You think it’s okay to be this unfit, lazy little monger? You know you’re not safe in your job, I’m sure. Every day you go above and beyond to make sure that the cutthroat guillotine of labor supply doesn’t mutilate you into an unrecognizable, unemployed piece of shit. Why do you think it’s different with your fitness?

How’d you get to where you are? People look at you and laugh. People use you as a benchmark to change their own habits. You okay with that?

Let’s get it poppin’, kid. No relapses. It’s kill or be killed out here: it always has been. Sure, we changed the rules a little and added our own little trifling sense of justice and morality. But nothing’s really changed.

Don’t be one of these assholes making pathetic reoccurring attempts to change their lifestyle. Don’t whine about it. You’ve got self-discipline and nothing else in this life. You’ve got one try: to fail once is to fail every time. In six months, you’re either going to be a pathetic, guilt-ridden failure, or a fucking tribute to human will. Your bitch of a mother-in-law will make comments like “I can’t believe it…” Your girl will get nervous about how much you can accomplish just by setting your mind to it and start asking you to tell her she’s good enough for you. Assholes who taunted you will have nothing… nothing… to say. You did something they either simply couldn’t even begin, or tried and failed miserably.

And then when my girl is out with her friends, she’ll be checking you out, motherfucker. Let’s do this!