Stay fit!

Think of your body like a machine. It has to be cleaned, oiled and serviced regularly if you want it to perfom well.

You put effort in your car, your flat, your TV screen but you refuse to eat healthy and put in some work regarding fitness? Shame on you!

This is not about everybody becoming a body-builder, but a general level of fitness is a must for every adult. It does not take that much discipline, you just have to get started and continue making your baby steps on a daily basis. Start today and simply DO NOT STOP! Don’t stop at a certain weight, at a certain day, at a certain moment, never stop keeping your body fit and feeling well.



2 thoughts on “Stay fit!

  1. Although I completely agree with this entire post, I find it’s usually a bad idea to use negative reinforcement when trying to have people change their ways. Using sayings like “shame on you” will usually have the reverse effect of what you are intending to accomplish, just a thought though! I read often, keep up the good work!

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