Make use of your life

I want to be all used up when I die.

George Bernard Shaw

You don’t want to waste your life by not wasting it.

You want to die knowing that you could not have done that much more, knowing that you could not have had that much more fun.

When you die you should feel that your life was awesome, exciting and exhausting.


About getting Motivation back

Whenever you are working on a task, may it be your homework or your lifetime dream,

and you come to that point when your motivation drops away. There are two ways to get your motivation back on track. First you can focus on the part you already achieved. Second you can focus on you goal and imagine how great you’ll feel once you’ve reached it. But these two strategies don’t always work same as good.

So… when you haven’t even finished the first half of you task it is much more motivating to focus on the progress you already made instead of the far away goal. But when you work on and your goal and it comes in sight its better to focus on the approaching sucess. Mind this and get yourself motivated again…


Keep in Motion

Rick Mereki, Tim White, Andrew Lees

Many people have this idea of how to live a happy life: Create a surounding that pleases you, a house, a familiy, expensive car…or whatever. And as long as you live within this surounding you’ll be happy.

Well, this sounds like a not-so-bad life. But in my opinion stagnation is never a way to a fulfilling and happy lifestyle. On the other hand when you keep in motion and keep your life shifting, it doesn’t become boring and you don’t get used to it. Life is often pictured as a journey and I think it should be lived like a journey. So don’t stop halfway. Move on.

I’m not talking about dramatic changes every two and a half week. This would be rather contra-productive. But as life goes on you’ll figure out your personal frequency of change and movement you need in your life…


Being remarkable

Don’t live down to expectations. Go out there and do something remarkable.

Wendy Wasserstein

Try this: Watch yourself, watch your behaviour, your actions, your habits, and ask yourself -Why am I doing this? Am I doing this because I really want to or because everybody is doing it, because I feel this expectation that I should be and act conformable.

In most cases this questioning won’t lead to a change. You wont start reinventing your life, but as soon as questioning the purpose of everything becomes a reflex, you’ll recognize instantly when you drift from living your own life to living some different expectations. And nothing holds you back from being and acting remarkable…



Rick Mereki, Tim White, Andrew Lees


Learning is a key element in our entire life. Learning doesn’t end with school or university. It’s essential for gaining experinence, becoming open minded or getting a change of perspective. So don’t be afraid of using any possiblity to try new things. It may be much easier to stick with the familiar but it surely doesn’t lead to a life wich can be called “fully lived”.

So get out there, travel, try something new, learn….


Be curious


Become legendary! [video]

Michael Jordan is a truly inspirational person, no matter if you like basketball or not.


The Sunscreen Song

I have mixed feelings about this video for I don’t like the musical part and it comes from a different point of view, but still it contains many undeniable true things and helpfull tips. Enjoy 🙂