Rick Mereki, Tim White, Andrew Lees


Learning is a key element in our entire life. Learning doesn’t end with school or university. It’s essential for gaining experinence, becoming open minded or getting a change of perspective. So don’t be afraid of using any possiblity to try new things. It may be much easier to stick with the familiar but it surely doesn’t lead to a life wich can be called “fully lived”.

So get out there, travel, try something new, learn….


3 thoughts on “Learn

  1. Thanks a lot!
    “Move” will be posted on its own soon. “Eat” makes you hungry but seems to be a little tricky to connect to motivation πŸ˜‰

    • πŸ˜€ That’s True! Well maybe Hunger is the motivation for us to be able to know that we need to get the nutrients in our body.
      Besides, (healthy) food makes me happy, and therefor I’m more motivated to do stuff πŸ˜›
      I’m looking forward for your “move” post πŸ˜‰

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