Some motivational words to GET YOUR ASS UP!

Youtube comments tend to suck big time, but there sure are exceptions:

Let’s fast forward: You are on your death bed, wondering and imagining what you could have done. Could have gotten better grades, won that tournament, or asked that crush out. But that time has long passed, and the only thing you can do now is think about what was done, set in stone… What you would do to get those moments back, and live it the right way, repaint the past… live with no regrets. Close your exes, and open them. You just woke up. Now back to present. What are you waiting for?




People are still awesome! [video]

And yet another People Are Awesome Video, this time featuring the awesome track Sail by Awolnation!

Video inspiration at its best!

Take this:




This little video should show you one simple fact: Creativity needs time.

So don’t let deadlines put you under unnecessary pressure. Sometimes you need to take time to save time.


About procrastination

Well this is acutally advertising, but I don’t care, you won’t get so much good stuff on procrastination in such short time any other way. Enjoy:


The Sunscreen Song

I have mixed feelings about this video for I don’t like the musical part and it comes from a different point of view, but still it contains many undeniable true things and helpfull tips. Enjoy 🙂