Learn from children


Look at children. Of course they may quarrel, but generally speaking they do not harbor ill feelings as much or as long as adults do. Most adults have the advantage of education over children, but what is the use of an education if they show a big smile while hiding negative feelings deep inside? Children don’t usually act in such a manner. If they feel angry with someone, they express it, and then it is finished. They can still play with that person the following day.

His Holiness the Dahai Lama

Make someone smile


If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. The world needs more of that.


If you see someone without a smile, give ’em yours.

Dolly Parton


A motivating pun

Success comes in cans, failure in cant’s.


Well groomed

You are never fully dressed until you wear a smile.


A simple thought of joy

If you are reading this…

Congratulations, you are alive.

If that is not something to smile about, then I don’t know what is.

Chad Sugg


The only solution

For myself I am an optimist it does not seem to be much use being anything else.

Winston Churchill

It’s a matter of attitude and mindset.

Happiness comes from inside and a optimist’s mindset will do half the trick!