Don't dwell in the past


It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.

Lewis Carroll

Who are you?


To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there.

Kofi Annan

Create yourself


You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.

Stephen Richards

Do your own thing


Don’t chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. The right people – the ones who really belong in your life – will come to your. And stay.

Will Smith

Just be yourself


Some people like you, some people don’t. In the end you just have to be yourself.

Andres Iniesta

Think your own thoughts


Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma.

Steve Jobs

You actions determine your identity


Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you whish to become. No single instance will transform your beliefs, but as the votes build up, so does the evidence of your new identity.

James Clear

The secret of style

Have something to say, and say it as clearly as you can. That is the only secret of style.

Matthew Arnold


The meaning of strength

Strength does not come from what yo can do. It comes from overcoming the things you thought you could not do.

Rikki Rogers


Be yourself

I realize I have frailties and weaknesses, perhaps, even in a larger degree than most of my fellow men, but I cannot be anything but myself. If I attempted to do so, I know in advance I would make a complete failure of it.

Senator George W. Norris