Stay true to yourself

In order to stay sane, you sometimes have to be a little selfish. You do not have to commit to the rest of your life today. It’s not a crime to change your mind. You just have to stay true to yourself.

Artie (Warehouse 13)


Practise what you preach

We all probably know what we wish we would do. And we surely know what we would expect others to do. But until or unless we hold those two pens in our hands, we cannot know what we would actually do.

Trish Johnson


About relationships, integrity and happiness. About you!

Until you get comfortable with being alone, you’ll never know if you’re choosing someone out of love or loneliness.

Mandy Hale

Okay, so let’s talk about relationships and more importantly: About being comfortable with yourself and liking your life!

Why is this important? Well, there is only one person that you will be together with every second of your life and that person is you.

If you like it or not, you have to hang around yourself for some time, so better get used to it. As long as you are not comfortable around yourself and need other people for various reasons, including for example validation or advice, you can not be happy in an universal way.

Relationships are often a good indicator of this problem. Everyone knows this one person that just seems to stumble from relationship to relationship, being unhappy without them, but not completely happy in them either. As long as they are single, they crave for emotional security and the perks of a stable relationship and once they are in a relationship (Which is always referred to as the one relationship, the true love, better than all the other ones), they begin to miss the freedom and fun of being single.

The problem is not to be found in the concept of relationships or in the partners, but in this person. The challenge is to be happy and comfortable with just yourself. Once you have reached that stage, your relationship is not a necessity, but the icing on the cake. It is not the pillar of your life, but the whipped cream on top. Do you like it? Hell yeah! Can you life without it? Well of course. That is what should be happening. Two happy people, deciding that they cann be even happier together. Not two people, sucking the spirits out of each other until the first one drops dead. You want to make yourself interesting and fun for the other person to be around and the best way to get there is to like yourself for being an awesome person.

Now to the interesting part: While many of you may agree to have this one friend, who is like the person I just described, not that many of you would possibly agree to see themselves as that person. But in fact, many of us have issues with themselves, some more, some less.

Instead of ignoring that and focusing on your impact on other people, you should start with yourself. Be egomanic and care for self-improvement, it is the most unselfish thing you can do, because it makes you a better person. Care for yourself, take your time, begin a relationship with yourself, with your mind and your body. Respect and enjoy your own company, for it is the most stable company you will ever find.

This is not meantas a statement against relationships.

This ist meant as an incentive to date yourself. Get to know yourself, get comfortable around yourself, begin to actively form your character, instead of watching it being formed by circumstances and other people. This is a necessity for living a happy life, not an option. You can choose your partner in a relationship, but you can not choose wether or not you have yourself in it, that’s a given.

I hope you could find motivation to spend some quality time with yourself in this post!


Act accordingly!

Your beliefs don’t make you a better person your behavior does.

Of course, beliefs are the fundamental fragments in your character and the foundation of your actions. But beliefs alone won’t do it, you have to make it count!


Be a man of value!

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.

Albert Einstein

Being a man of value is important and awesome for yourself and other people around you. That’s why Igor Burdetskiy from Mastering the Art of being unstoppable put together a list of what it means to live with integrity and have value.

  1. Have Integrity – when you say you are going to do something, do it. Do not under deliver or make up excuses
  2. Always be on Time – Always, no matter what. This falls under integrity, but is so important it needs to be listed on it’s own
  3. Treat every single person you meet as a best friend, and they will become one
  4. Think in terms of the other person’s perspective as much as your own
  5. Respect all elders and be a role model to those younger than you
  6. Forgive.
  7. If a friend has a quirky trait about them that really annoys you, help them improve upon it
  8. Knowledge is happiness, happiness is knowledge
  9. Don’t lead people on
  10. Every person has value and is your superior at something
  11. Wherever you are and whoever you are with, enjoy their company and have them enjoy yours
  12. Leaders eat last. Leaders take care of their tribe.
  13. Do not gossip or talk about someone behind his or her back. It will always come back to that person, and people will worry you say negative things about them to others
  14. Be prepared and stick to your morals no matter the situation, especially the ones that test them
  15. Do not belittle people. Do not be knowingly ignorant.
  16. Treat life as a beautiful experiment; be curious; Create value
  17. Listen. Listen. Listen.
  18. Treat guests like family
  19. Family, above all, is most important – cherish them
  20. Chase your dreams, not money.
  21. Don’t leave people hanging. If they text, email, or call you, respond in a timely manner
  22. Remember your best friend’s and family’s birthdays, and personally call them
  23. Never show up to a party or gathering empty handed. Always add to the party, don’t just consume.
  24. Think before you speak. Then think some more.
  25. Live for the big moments, enjoy all of the small ones
  26. Your feelings and thoughts become reality. Pay attention to your feelings and what you think about
  27. Show appreciation when appreciation is due. Pay attention to the things people do that affect you
  28. Be consistent. Don’t fall off the wagon easily or jump from one thing to another.
  29. When you do something, do it very well. Or don’t do it at all.
  30. Always pay back money you borrow and return things you borrow on time
  31. Show up. Show up to wherever you said you were going to. Show up to the things you may not have necessarily promised to attend, but know you should be there. 90% of living life is just showing up.

If you like this list, check out his blog and give him some views.