Enjoy some alone time


I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.

Oscar Wilde

Alone time is a necessity

Your elevation may require your isolation.

I knew from an early age that being part of the crowd wasn’t my style. I spent/spend a lot of time alone but I’m never lonely. The solitude helps me focus on me and I enjoy my own company.

It’s where I can contemplate life and the universe.

It’s where I can learn.

It’s where I can find my peace.

It’s where I can grow.

Whether it’s training, traveling or simply enjoying my alone time.. It’s a necessity.

Xin Sarith Azuma Phan Wuku


You are being watched

What makes a man is not how he behaves in front of people but rather how he behaves when no one is looking.

Behaving in front of people just shows that you have manners or self respect. It shows that you want to present yourself in a certain way.

But what you do when no one is watching, how you behave when no one is looking and judging, that shows who you really are.

Think about this and think about wether or not you like this person right now.