Will smith talks about live, greatness and talent vs. skill



People are awesome!

So apparently there is a new version out of People are awesome.



Luck is an attitude!

I want to share this great video-ad about luck/happiness:

The key is to make your own luck guys!



This is an amazing video about validation and happiness.

Take the time to watch it, it’s worth it!

Always remember: People constantly strive for validation and often an unexpected compliment can make someones day or week! Make this world a better place by letting people know how great they are!

Hey you. Yes, you! Just do it!


Video inspiration at its best!

Take this:




This little video should show you one simple fact: Creativity needs time.

So don’t let deadlines put you under unnecessary pressure. Sometimes you need to take time to save time.


How great are you?

I love this video!

Not sure if I have posted it before, but that does not matter at all, just enjoy:


There is no such word as can’t

Hi there, my first quote is an excerpt from an interview with a guy from Indonesia who has a great attitude towards life

After 7 years being in a wheelchair I’ve done more in the life being in a chair than out of a chair. I still surf, I sail the world, I free dive  after many people said I couldn’t do that; and I think that comes  from connecting with nature, connecting with the energy of life, because we are all disabled in some way on the planet spiritually, mentally or physically, I got the easy part.