Bruce Lee Week #1: Get your thoughts straight!

All right, this week will feature Bruce Lee quotes only and focus on some of his views on life. Why? Because he is awesome and one of my greatest inspirations. 

Hopefully you will find him as inspirational as I do, enjoy.

As you think, so shall you become.

Bruce Lee

As I wrote some time ago in the article You decide who you are, your mind is extremely powerful. It can build you up and it can break you down. In any case: Your mind leads you.

What you think of yourself and of your life determines the direction in which you are headed. Wether you think of yourself as a person with low worth and no impulse to improvement or wether you think of yourself as a rising star amongst all humans, as a motivated and high-spirited person, it will eventually become true.

The fact about self-fulfilling prophecies is that you don’t want to believe in them when it comes to negative prophecies. But it works in both ways. As long as you tell yourself that you are a weak person, you will never grow strong.

Bruce Lee is a perfect person to make this quote, although it would fit many more, of course. He had the strong belief that he was able to break records, that he was able to do better than anyone ever had done before. It was like hard-wired in his mind that he was able to reach unbelievable heights and that his potential was insane. In all his texts, speeches and even in his movies it becomes obvious:

Lee was a person that did not doubt himself in an universal way. Why he may have doubted certain ways of training or diets, he never questioned his potential and his destiny to become the greatest man in his particular branch. He knew that people could do so much more to improve themselves than they normaly did, and that was probably one of the reasons that gave him the strength not to copy that mistake.

This is especially interesting as Bruce Lee did not limit himself to movies and acting. He was a very philosophical person and his way to approach physical training was way more than just a sports thing. For Lee, training was his life. He spent countless of hours of his short life to find out the best ways of training, the best ways of fighting, the best possible ways of living in a healthy body. 

All of his work would have been impossible if it were not for his urgent desire to suceed and to achieve his great goals. He may not have reached all of them, but he sure succeeded in being an incredible person in many ways.

You have to believe in yourself and you have to know what you want out of yourself. Do not think too low of yourself. After all, if you don’t respect yourself, how do you expect others to do so?

Stay positive,


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