Try it out!


The only failure is not to try.

George Clooney

Failing in a new way

If nothing else, we are commited to failing in a new way.

Elon Musk


Go for it

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.

Michael Jordan


Keep experimenting

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

Albert Einstein



Throughout the centuries, there were men who took first steps, down new roads, armed with nothing but their own vision.

Ayn Rand


Definition of mistakes

Here is a slightly different definition of the word mistake, by Edwin Land:

A mistake: An event, the full benefit of which ahs not yet been turned to your advantage.

Edwin Land



Do you feel confident? Good, continue with your life. If not, you might want to read on.

There is a good chance that you are not confident with yourself or at least with some aspect of your life. The question is how to change this.
The good thing is: Becoming confident is easy!

In order to become confident about anything you have to improve!

It is not about acing every task, it is not about being better than anybody else. It is about being better than you were yesterday. It is about outperforming yourself. That is what boosts human confidence!

Improving is more important than being the best

What good is it to know that you are the best at something? It puts pressure on you, it motivates others. You on the other hand begin to build strong confidence the moment you start training, learning and improving, not when you stop any of those activities.


Actually your mind wants you to improve and that is why it supports you. Even small changes in your life will boost your confidence and increase your happiness Level. You do not have to get from couch potato to medal winner in no time. You just have to start making steps towards your goal.

Everybody has something he or she wants to work on. Start learning by learning small and easy stuff, start cooking by cooking simple dishes, start working out by jogging a little and making some bodyweight-exercises. Start reading some pages a day, then increase slowly. There are hundred ways to improve whatever situation you are in, just don’t make the mistake of thinking “Well it is so easy, what change will it make? I could if I wanted to.” Do not start thinking like this! Just start improving. Confidence and Happiness will come to your life like a moth to a flame, trust me on this one.

Happy improving,