Happ Birthday and: Motivatingdaily goes Facebook!

Whoop whoop!

So today marks Motivatingdaily’s third birthday! Yay me and thanks to all of you guys, you are a great audience! 🙂

I decided to use this birthday to give you and myself a little present!

As from today on you can find your motivation not only here (and on Twitter), but also on Facebook. Connect with the Motivatingdaily facebook page to stay in touch and recieve even more motivating content!

While the daily quotes will continue here (and won’t be crossposted on Facebook, I will try to post a little bit more spontaneous and mixed up there 🙂

And no worries, I did not forget your daily quote, here you go:

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Andy Warhol

Please swing by and like Motivatingdaily on facebook!


Ten thousand!

BAM! I’m stoked!

This site is a little over one year young and yesterday night you guys made one of my dreams come true: 10 000 (Ten thousand) unique visitors on motivatingdaily.com!

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for reading, commenting, liking and sharing my thoughts and quotes! It means a lot to me since writing is something that gives me much joy and with this massive positive feedback it is just insanely rewarding!

Aprospros feedback: If you like this site, please tell your friends, please share my work! If you don’t like it on the other hand, go tell me. I can improve this project only with your honest feedback so no holding back here!

Thanks again and let’s hit the 100k!


Motivation Navigation

Hey guys!

Today I decided I wanted you to have more comfort in finding your personal motivation!

That is why I have included some Navigation Buttons, which you can see above this exact post and right under the banner.

The buttons will directly guide you to all our Video-Posts, Wallpapers or Articles.

Searching for someone in particular? Just use the drop-down to your right.

I hope some of you enjoy the new features!

Keep it up!


Happy Birthday, Motivatingdaily!

Yep, motivatingdaily celebrates its first birthday!

One year ago I started this blog and I am happy to announce that we have over 400 posts which makes me extremely proud.

From the beginning (dailymote.wordpress.com) to this site, together with its design, the wallpaper section, the categories and so on, we put a lot of  effort into it and are happy to continue this.

Let’s hope for another great year of motivation, since we all know: Excelennce is a habit!

So we’ll keep it up and you mention the blog to friends and family!



Happy Birthday motivatingdaily!

Starting as a small wordpress-blog with about 2 viewers, dailymote developed to a top-level domain motivational blog with frequent viewers from many different countries. Six months of daily motivation passed quicker than ever expected and now I can look back at this six months of blogging, 210 posts of motivation and inspiration, many design-changes and even a name-change to motivatingdaily. I am happy to have this blog running and I will continue to do my best with it, and so will my friend /rob, who also posts here from time to time.

If you are reading this, you are probably a frequent visitor of this blog and therefore interested in motivation, inspiration and leading a better life. Therfore I ask YOU for a favour. Since it’s my birthday (well let’s say “half”birthday), I’d like you to spread the word.

You  like this blog? Tell your friends via Facebook, Twitter or you blog; Subscribe to motivatingdaily via email or Follow me on Twitter!

If you don’t like this blog, tell me! Together we will make this blog a better one 🙂

Let’s all have a good day and to the next six months! 🙂


Improving Motivatingdaily!

Hey there 🙂

As you all know I love this blog and dedicate a lot of work to it. Therefore I spend the last nights working on a category system for motivatingdaily.

What I came up with required doing a lot of repetitive tasks because I created >100 categories and edited EVERY post I wrote in the past 5 months, but it was worth it. Here are the pros of the new category-system:

  1. You like a quote you read? Just click on the Name of the Author under the post to see more quotes of him on motivatingdaily!
  2. Searching for a person in particular? No problem, just enter his name in the search box (right bottom corner) and you’ll get all his quotes on motivatingdaily!
  3. Searching for a person in particular but unsure about the name? Browse through ALL persons I have quoted on this page by using the drop down menu above the twitter picture!

This category-system will make it a lot easier for you to browse this blog and is a great improvement!

On top of that I decided to give you folks some more content. The rule from now on is: 1 Post per day at 7.30 is the minimun, but there is no max to the amout of daily motivation!

I am happy to have it done and I hope you like it as much as I do.

Please feel free to comment/critisize and please recommend motivatingdaily.com, if you like it!


Finally! Toplevel!

YES! As a little christmas gift to myself, I decided to get a toplevel-domain for this blog!

Also I changed the name from dailymote to motivatingdaily, which is more straight-forward in my eyes. You may already have noticed that the category has the new name “motivatingdaily” and the twitter account also is named like this.

Together with the new domain “motivatingdaily.com” I made the new banner, which you can link if you want. You can just use the banner from the top of the page or request me via mail, I’ll send you smaller versions or even other formats.

So spread the world, let’s take motivatingdaily.com viral in 2011! 🙂


Make your choice!

Merry Christmas, reader! I’m happy to write this, because I have been into this blog for almost 3 months and it is acutally making more fun everyday! I hope you have a nice Christmas Eve and don’t worry, daily quotes WILL continue of course 😉

On top of that, I made myself a christmas present (-> I made this blog a christmas present), which I will show to you in the next days, but not before monday for I’m visiting my grandma 🙂

Todays quote:

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.

Wayne Dyer

You maybe don’t believe it, but only you can decide about your life!

Yes, you can be miserable and say you have a bad life. Well, then that’s it, right? Good luck with that, we have nothing to talk about.

But I believe, I strongly do, you are here because you want CHANGE! So try to reach for the stars daily and keep your head held high in order to reach your goals.


Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.”“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.”

Give your VERY BEST!

Don’t care about measuring, don’t care about hours, about meters, about feet, about speed, about height, just focus on one thing:

Always give your VERY BEST!

Nothing more to add.


Dailymote expands!

Hey fellow readership!

Today is the day dailymote gets its first expansion! I welcome my new co-author toasterism to the blog!

In the future we will both provide motivating content in order to enhance the quality of the blog and bring you just the best of all motivation daily!

It will not change a thing for you, we will continue the daily posts at 07.30 and keep you running!