Joyful and exuberant

Joyful and exuberant. That is a grand goal. Something to shoot for. Let’s go for that today. Yup, sign me up. Let’s start by imagining that it’s entirely possible, that it’s within reach, heck it might even be around the corner, or right next to you, about to tap you on the shoulder, right after you read this. I know and you know that imagining it will not automatically make it happen. But it might help. Let’s forget our cynical, logical self for a minute. Most of the time we don’t have any goals for the day, other than a to-do list. If we decide that today we are going to feel JOYFUL and EXUBERANT, then I’d say there’s a damn good chance we will. We’ll be on the lookout for it, and when we spot it, we’ll grab it. It’ll be ours. So let’s put it on our list today.

Marc Johns


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