Why fit people are respected

Why do I respect fit people?

Because fit people with a physique is much more than how good they look.

A well-built physique is a status symbol. It reflects you worked hard for it. No money can buy it. You can not inherit it. You can not steal it. You can not borrow it. You can not hold onto it without constant work.

It shows dedication.

It shows discipline.

It shows self-respet.

It shows dignity.

It shows patience, work ethic, passion.

That’s why it is attractive to me.

The same applies for knowledge/education in a way.


4 thoughts on “Why fit people are respected

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  3. Isn’t that elitist/prejudiced? Not being fit or having less education does not mean that one has no dignity, passion or work ethics. And the opposite il also true. Just read the news or watch TV. Every day you will see “fit” people and well-educated people who act without dignity or work ethics.

    • Yes, fit people can be assholes, as well as well-educated people. But that does not diminish my respect for their achievements. If an idiot has great discipline and work ethic that is still remarkable and respectable. Not liking people does not necessarily that I have to dislike everything about them in my eyes.

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