Educate yourself

Education comes from within; you get it by struggle and effort and thought.

Napoleon Hill

Too many people think that being educated can be achieved by attending school and college and collecting diplomas and degrees.

Education is something that happens inside your head, it is something that you have to actively work on. You have to educate yourself! education is not something you can recieve by sitting in big rooms with hundreds of people and by memorizing facts that are considered worth knowing.

Instead of teaching kids what to think, schools should focus more on teaching children how to think and they should be shown the beauty of experience and leaning.

The current system fails way too many people. Those people memorize all the required material for years, get their degree but have not learned a little bit.

Ask a student about his first finals. He won’t know a thing, because he learned for those finals, but not for himself. He did not want to understand the content, he wanted to pass the tests. Now ask some selfmade working person about any topic related to their work and they will talk endless hours about it. Our school system makes it possible for people to pass without having learned anything but being good at memorizing.

So do yourself a favor and concentrate on education in your spare time. Go to the library, use the internet, read about the things you are passionate about and try out a lot. Educate yourself and do not rely on your college or your school. Those degrees will matter on your CV at most but personally your biggest gain out of your college time will be friends and a good time, but certainly not a  profound education.


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