The trouble is that people seem to expect happiness in life. I can’t imagine why; but they do. They are unhappy before they marry, and they imagine to themselves that the reason of their unhappiness will be removed when they are married. When it isn’t they blame the other person, which is clearly absurd. I believe that is what generally starts the trouble.

Nancy Mitford

Misery is easy, happiness takes effort, remember this!


2 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. I love this sentiment! It’s true for people who think getting married will make them happy, getting a new job, winning the lottery, moving to a new town — it’s all delusion. If you’re not a happy person, none of that will make a difference. A large part of my book, Happiness as a Second Language, is about seeing in ourselves what we are doing to make ourselves unhappy,and what we need to do to become happy — without relying on the actions of anyone else. It’s a collection of exercises that people can do every day to learn Happiness and stay fluent.

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