Keep busy!

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

Albert Einstein

I think this quote was already posted some time ago and I did doubted its origin back then. I still do. Nontheless this quote is awesome!

You see sometimes there is this point where you don’t do much. You sleep a lot, still feel tired often, don’t have the energy to get even small things done and you just don’t feel good.

What you need is being busy! Do stuff, cram you days full with exciting things to do. Then chores like cleaning or cooking just happen alongside without you even noticing the work you put into them.

As long as you always have something to do and always something interesting to do, you will feel way more energetic than when you have 100% free time. Free time does not equal “Free” time.


1 thought on “Keep busy!

  1. That’s an awesome quote. Although I believe regular slowdowns and pauses in our daily life do help a lot, I agree that life must go on anyway. We’d better move and experience than stand and think.

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