Are you lucky?

Even luck needs practice.

Have you ever asked yourself why some people have so much more luck than others when luck itself has the trait to be totally random?

Luck is random indeed but most people have a lifestyle which prevents them from being lucky.  When your follow a strict overstuffed schedule every day it leaves luck no time to hit you. When you are a very withdrawn person who spends never goes to meet (new) people you don’t even have the possibility to have the luck to meet future friends, love, inspiration… And another reason why social relations help you being lucky is that most opportunities you get in life are give by or are related to the people you know.

So be open-minded, be communicative and leave room and time for the unexpected…


Look on your present life

Don’t aim for a pleasant outlook on yourself in ten years, but for a pleasant look back on yourself in ten years from now.


Be carful about planning

To much planning tends to turn your time into a waiting rather than a living. Prevent this.


About change

happiness is kinetic, without frequent changes it will fade away.

Once you’ve reached a comfortable state or situation there is an urge to stay there, therefore you need to motivate yourself to keep moving.


Why not

Why not !?

I once came up with a simple strategy to develope ideas and figure out solutions. When you are confronted with plans of others or yourself which sound highly unlikely, the common response is: <<This sound complicated, why should this work?>>  But your chances of succeeding are much higher when you try to figure out why your plan should not work.

This very small change in your point of view can help to be much more open minded. Worked for me.