Be wary of negativity

Stay away from negative people. they have a problem for every solution.

Albert Einstein


1 thought on “Be wary of negativity

  1. Good Morning Emily…. Love this quote…takes the stress out of so many acquaintances and even relationships. Hope you are finding time to enjoy some campus resources….like the pool and gym. (Gets tough this time of year to keep your muscles stretched. Freckles and I did some “Doga” this morning….he is getting very stiff.) Thinking of you so often Emily and that all is well in Kingston, including the Rocket Club! Just a ps….had a “non-gender” person wait on me at a shoe store in Masonville last night. The non-gender person was passed in Germany this week….so you are neither male, nor female…hmm….didn’t know we could override our chromosomes and DNA…but this is more civil law issues than genetics I suppose. World is changing so fast. Have a great Thursday…hugs and kisses X infinity. Nana

    > > >

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