Another Milestone! 100k!


Let’s recap:

The first 10 000 took me over one year and right now this is the amount of people visiting motivatingdaily every month! Not counting the +500 people that get my mails everyday!

So far, motivatingdaily does not cease to amaze me again and again. On my “Ten Thousand” post, I wrote ‘Let’s hit the 100k’ and although I did believe in that happening, it felt really strange and uncertain to think about that mark.
Now, as I view my stats and see how the views have been growing constantly in the past and still are groing right now, I am looking forward to the 1 millionth vistor on my page soon and let me tell you, it feels great!

Again, thanks to all of you, who subscribed, who visit my page, who post stickers, who comment, like, reblog and recommend, this project would not work without you out there.

Thanks for motivating me to motivate you, you guys are awesome!

So, seriously, LET’S HIT THE 1 000 000! Spread the word, dear followers and readers!


3 thoughts on “Another Milestone! 100k!

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