The essence of choice

You have no choice about your capacity to feel that something is good for you or evil, but what you will consider good or evil, what will give you joy or pain, what you will love or hate, desire or fear, depends on you standard of value. Emotions are inherent in you nature, but their content is dictated by your mind. Your emotional capacity is an empty motor, and you values are the fuel with which your mind fills it. If you choose a mix of contradictions, it will clog you motor, corrode your transmission and wreck you on your first attempt to move with a machine, which you, the driver, have corrupted.

John Galt, in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged

This is a perfect post for today. Why? Because it is an awesome post and it contains a lot of basic and profound ideas that lie behind this blog.

You decide on who you are, what you can achieve, how you are percieved, if you are happy. You decide about your life. Do not seek fault in others, do not look for scapegoats. Instead look for solutions, look for work-arounds, make this world a better place.

Stop complaining, start improving. And better start with yourself, that’s where we all can improve the most!

And today I celebrate. I celebrate the 1000st post on!

Thanks for your support, please feel free to share my work if you enjoy it!


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