Enjoy your time

No such thing as spare time,

no such thing as free time,

no such thing as down time.

All you got is life time. Go!

Henry Rollins.

There is this concept of work and spare time that I really oppose: Work time is not supposed to be fun, it is not supposed to brighten your day, it is work. You do it in order to gain money wich will increase the quality of your highly-valued spare time.

This concept of time is extremely strange because it gives you the illusion that suffering at certain points in life will make other parts inevitably better. I ask: Why not have fun all the time? We have 24 hours a day, why don’t we just enjoy our waking hours no matter what we are doing?

To me the term work merely means I get paid to do it, no matter what it is. Therefore work is not something negative, but something awesome. See: Normally I do what I like. At work I do what I like and on top of having fun in the moment I get paid for it. Isn’t that nice? Why yes, of course it is!

You have 24 hours a day, enjoy them! Do not waste your time doing stuff you don’t like, dreaming about better times.


1 thought on “Enjoy your time

  1. I can definitely relate to this. In my first job interview after college, I was asked how I saw my work and fun times being divided…50/50, 80/20, etc. I said I really couldn’t answer the question, because I just didn’t view them as separate activities. I could have fun and enjoy work and I could put forth a lot of effort at something which was fun. I got the job, but I never did understand what exactly was being asked.

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