About right and wrong

I no longer try to be right;

I choose to be happy.

Ric Elias

This right and wrong thing bothers me. Is there really an objective right and wrong?

Well maybe for real logic like math there is something like right and wrong. But there is not right and wrong for basically anything else because everything is subjective and everything will be different in different people’s perspectives.

Being right does not serve you well as long as it does not make you happy does it? Being in tune with your own thoughts, having a congruent reality, that is what counts. Everything else are opinions, everything else is worldy stuff that distracts you from your inner, calm happiness.

Being happy is not a question of being right, it is not a question of arguments or logic. It is a natural state, just like confidence, that you live in since your birth. Do not let rationalisation take this natural state from you.

You are not happy because you succeed in the society, you are happy because you are meant to be. You could loose your job, your wife, your car and your house today and still find inner peace and happiness.

Next time when you find yourself arguing with someone about anything, no matter how important or unimportant it may seem, stop and ask yourself: What am I doing here? Is this helping me or the other person in living happy lives?

Cut the useless worldly struggles of proving yourself and instead chose to be happy just for the sake of happiness.


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