Life starts at the end of your comfort zone

Always do what you are afraid to do.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Don’t get me wrong. You should not do bad or stupid stuff.

Sometimes you are afraid for a goddamn reason and you should always be rational about doing scaring stuff.

But in many cases you are afraid although you exactly know that what you are about to do is the right thing.

In this cases: Have courage, pull through! You can do it!


Take risks every day!

A risk a day keeps the shrink away

It is important to step out of your comfort zone constantly. Risk something every single day. Do something you fear or feel uncomfortable doing every day. Do this consciously and grow through it.


Expand your comfort zone

We must travel in the direction of our fear.

John Berryman

This can’t be stressed enough, you always have to expand your comfort zone. Don’t think about it, just go for it. Embrace your fear and get to know it, there will be no bigger enemy in your life.


Get out of your comfort zone!

If it makes you nervous, your are doing it right

Donald Glover

So much truth in so few words! If you had never gone out of your comfort zone – which always makes you nervous – where would you be right now? You would not have made it through school, not gotten any job or friends, you would have achieved nothing.

In order to achieve anything, in order to grow as a human being you have to evolve constantly and that means getting out of your comfort zone. That makes you nervous and therefore being nervous about something means it is good to deal with it. So don’t chicken out and just get it over with!



Chance favours those in motion.

James Austin

Luck is a nice thing and in most cases it comes to those people who are active and chase after their dreams.

a) Go out there and have fun. Something good will happen.

b) Stay inside and live in your comfort zone. Don’t expect change.

It is your decision!


The biggest change of all

Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you’ve got.

Jim Rohn

This may sound obvious but come to think of it: You will always stand where you are right now if you don’t change. Therefore ask yourself: Are you truly, and I mean eternally and forever- and ever happy? Are you genuinely satisfied with what you’ve got?

Chances are you are not. So think about what you want and what you have to do in order to get there. And now the fun part begins! Instead of making excuses why you don’t do it, which I’m sure there are plenty of, you start throwing yourself at it, you start being uncomfortable, your start expanding your comfort zone and challenge yourself on a daily basis!

So in conclusion, unless you are truly happy and satisfied without any wish for something new (If your are: Congratulations), START TO CHANGE TODAY!

And remember, there is no big difference in big or small changes, the biggest change of all is to go from stagnation to change in the first place.


Jim Rohn

Get out of your comfort zone!

Don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone.  Some of your best life experiences and opportunities will transpire only after you dare to lose.

I read this quote the other day and thought to myself:

EVERYTHING good in life comes from getting out of your comfort zone.

And if you have something else that you really like than you attained it by abandoning your comfort zone in the past.

Don’t think your “comfort” zone is called that because it is actually a good thing, it just gives you the mere illusion of a comfortable lifestyle, but not a life worth living.

Get out there. Start today, start NOW!