Bruce Lee Week #7: On reaching goals

I consider this one to be mainly a fitness/sports motivation, but you can apply it to many other things also:

Long term consistency beats short term intensity.

Bruce Lee

This is a simple, yet important concept. Doing 10 minutes of pushups or situps every day for 30 days is much better than doing half an hour every sunday for a month. Especially when it comes to training, wether muscle or brain training, it is about consitency and repition.

Progress takes time and the longer you train something, the more profound your knowledge will be in that field. This is why you can learn a language in a year but you won’t be able to master it in that time for example. And this is why discipline is so very important.

We are all used to little boosts of motivation every now and then. Suddenly you want to get fit, you get up early, hit the gym, eath healthy, you change your whole routine. This won’t last long, I can promise it. Instead, make small changes and focus on consistency. Start small, but don’t slack off. You will improve greatly, just be patient!


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Confidence for everybody

To grow and know that one is growing towards – that is the source of all strength and confidence in life.

James Baillie

The good thing about confidence gained through progress is that it starts early and keeps getting stronger.

You gain confidence not by being the best or being extremely skilled at something, but at getting better at something. Progress equals gaining confidence.

Pick whatever hobby you like and work on your skills, your confidence will boost! Confidence is about knowing that you are actually working on becoming a better person, it is not based on being the perfect person.


Mind your own business

Never discourage anyone…..who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.


Don’t discourage people that are working on themselves! Motivate them or leave them alone but don’t you dare to speak low of someone who actually tries and makes a difference, no matter how small.


Don’t go with the flow

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.
Frank Zappa

While there is nothing wrong with being conform to the mass every now and then, especially when it is your honest opinion, you should always try to question the norm.

Why? Because a mass is way more sluggish than an individual and being sluggish contradicts making progress!

You want to make progress, don’t you? Well then don’t give a fuck and just go for it, no questions asked!